January 7th 2017


The five Wu Xing Qi Gong exercises are simple movements designed to help a person contact the five elemental pulses. These pulses dictate the base health of the five key organs of the body, the Kidneys, the Liver, the Heart, the Spleen and the Lungs. As a person develops their Wu Xing Qi Gong practice they help to nourish these organs. The medical benefits of such a practice are obvious but what is also important is that these pulses dictate the quality of the Qi which flows throughout the rest of the energy body as well.

On this course we will be teaching the 5 element ( wu xing) Qi Gong form. Students will learn all five movements along with the underlining principles that are essential to all qigong practice. We will also look at basic wu xing theory and how it applies to the practice. There will be guidelines on how to use Wu Xing Qi Gong to balance our emotions and health.

This course also serves as an entry course to people wishing to join our school as it will provide the beginner student as well as familiarizing more experienced students with the essential foundation concepts of our school.

Price: 26 Euros
To book please go to our contacts page and specify which course you wish to book and we will send you the details as soon as possible.