1 Week International Nei Gong Retreat

During this retreat at a traditional Lithuanian sodiba (holiday house in the countryside) we will be training for five hours every day concentrating on building a strong foundation into the body in order to help students begin the nei gong process. We will be using various tools from the Lotus Nei Gong syllabus including Ji Ben Qi Gong and Wu Dao Yin.

By the end of the course students will leave equipped with the necessary tools to enable them to start a solid home practice in classical daoist qigong cultivation. Those who are more experienced will be taken through deeper aspects of the practices to continue their progress.

Material covered :
- Ji Ben qi gong (the foundational practice of our school)
- Wu Dao Yin ( 5 Dao Yin exercises to purge pathogenic qi)
- stretching to open the body and balance the jing jin
- setting up the correct structure for qi gong (Wuji)
- abdominal & reverse breathing
- both practical application and theory of the level 1 underlining principles
- exploration of the vital skills of Ting and Sung
- how to properly locate the Lower Dantien and beginning the process of activation and rotation
- understanding Zi Fa Gong (spontaneous movement)
- Sung meditation each morning
There will also be physical exercises to help strengthen and condition the body. The qi gong training can be pretty difficult at times so please come prepared for a little hard work as well as lots of fun!

Location: Students will be staying in a quiet countryside cottage surrounded by pine forest and lakes. Accommodation will be shared rooms holding two to six people.
Three vegetarian meals will be provided each day.

Training: We will start each day with Sung meditation for one hour before breakfast followed by 2 two-hour classes during the day with a break in between. We will end each training day at 17:00.

Level 1 course: suitable for beginners

Price & Location to be confirmed soon.

Teachers: Adam & Dove
(Course taught in English)

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